franky by the sea


As I write, it is nearing the end of an extraordinarily long hot British Summer. The wettest Winter on record was declared just over four months ago and now here we sit, wishing for thunderstorms to clear the air. I guess it’s true, the grass always seems greener on the other side...

I truly have no idea where this venture will take me, but I thought some of you might fancy watching from afar and muttering rather smugly that “she doesn’t want to do it like that.” I know I feel better when I can improve on someone else’s failings - who knows, maybe my failings will help pull someone else out of the doldrums.

Gosh, here’s a thought... I might just do a good job and inspire someone. Let’s go with that.

Anyway, welcome to my thoughts and experiences as I make decisions and plan, replan and plan again how I’m going to make a million pounds (at least) before I hit my 50th birthday.


Welcome to my explorations

Probable Ideas

  1. -Widen bookmark sales

  2. -Bookkeeping service

  3. -Tax Service

  4. -Sell handmade items

  5. -Write for extra income

Possible Ideas

  1. -Write for a living

  2. -Design & sell knit/crochet patterns

Working on it...

Hang on in there, I’ll have something in here soon.